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'Where the forest meets the sea'

Art and Craft

The district has a wide variety of active arts and crafts people.

Woodturning, ceramics, candles, oil painting, leadlights, spinning, weaving, etching, ensembles, wood carving, pottery and water colours are among the range to be found here.

There are many and varied outlets both in the town and on the scenic routes around the district. At some establishments light refreshments are also available.

There are over twenty Galleries and Studios within 60km of Denmark. Eleven of these are within a much shorter drive from the town.

Denmark also has a number of community groups devoted to the arts. The Denmark Arts Council organises many events each year as well as the highly successful market days. Currently markets are held several times a year with Easter Saturday being the largest. Further details are available on their website.

There are also the Denmark Printmakers, Scotsdale Spinners, CWA and the Denmark Village Theatre with an annual January pantomime as its major event. This is held on the river foreshore like the market days.

On various weekends musical performances are held in the coffee shops around town.

If you want to know more about The Denmark Arts Council or their activities they have their own comprehensive website. Click on the logo to go there.

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Featured Talent
Will Taylor is one of those quiet achievers found in Denmark. He farms, has a rubbish skip business, composes, sings, provides sound systems for parties etc and has also written a book. 'The Kingdom of the Tingle' is a fantasy about the King of the forest and the creatures in his domain. A note at the beginning of the book explains how it came to be.

From the book: Will Taylor is our Dad. He wrote this book for us. He told us a story about the Tingle Folk one night, and we asked him if he could make it into a book, so that all of you could enjoy the story too. He's a farmer who lives in Denmark. He writes songs and plays the guitar.

Colin Atkins, who drew and painted all the pictures in the book, is a famous artist who lives in Perth. He has very curly hair and laughs a lot. He plays the bass guitar and has been a friend of Dad's for years and years. - Travis, Gemma and Sam

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Left: 'The Kingdom of the Tingle' cover - Right: detail from p.9
If you are interested in obtaining copies of 'The Kingdom of the Tingle' then you can email: Will Taylor

You might also like to check out The Kingdom of the Tingle

Our previously featured talent was Barbara Bennett
Like to see more of Barbara's hand coloured etchings? Then check out her page!
Barbara Bennett's Web Page

The Denmarkwa web site tries to show you some of the features that make this district a top destination for visitors and holiday makers. Any suggestions for improvements or additional information please contact Browse through for information but remember there is no substitute for actually coming and seeing for yourself.

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