Cinnamon Coloureds Farmstay


Cuddly lambs in season and cool river pools.
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The 2002 lambs are here. Kate enjoyed cuddling one of the first of 2001. A set of twins.
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Cinnamon Coloureds is a 107 acre farm running sheep. On the block are karri forest, marris, a variety of understorey plants, tee-tree and peppermints.

The chalets are situated on a knoll above Little River. Sit on the verandah of Shadforth and listen to the water cascade over the rocks.

Take time to relax and watch the wide variety of birds. Some just like to watch the trees swaying and the subtle, everchanging scenery.

You are also invited to walk around. Explore the creek and river to find the small waterfalls, secluded groves and pools. Climb the hill for expansive views across and up the Little River Valley with Mt Hallowell in the background.

Take some bread as you go to meet the sheep. Many will come and jostle you for that tasty morsel. Some have names and enjoy the attention of guests. The kangaroos move freely over the block. Beside 'Storm' our bottle fed orphan there are several others that also like bread. They do however like to keep their distance.

storm.jpg - 7Kb clareS - 7Kb
Left: Three guests enjoy feeding Storm. Jan 2000 - Right: Clare nursing a larger Storm. April 2000
Stmi.jpg - 8Kb
Storm sharing her bread with 'Mintie' - who helps himself! - June 2001
R371.jpg - 5KbR370.jpg - 4Kb

Storm with her first joey. Only the second time we've seen it with its head out!!
Saturday 24 August 2002
Storm and Joey.jpg - 8KbStorm and Joey.jpg - 8Kb
Here is the baby out and about as well as inside. 26 Nov & 8 Dec 2002 (It still spends time in the pouch!!)



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