Cinnamon Coloureds Farmstay
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All of our chalets offer more space than average for better mobility. Three of them are designed and built to provide easy access to those with mobility problems.

  • They have a near level, paved apron adjacent to carpark.
  • The paving continues into the verandahs surrounding the buildings.
  • A ramp provides easy access to the front door.
  • No flywire door to negotiate
  • Once inside there is space to move.

    The main bathroom has

  • disabled toilet
  • detachable shower head on a slide rail
  • low taps
  • basin in a flat benchtop (no cabinet underneath)
  • plastic chair for shower
  • flat floor to shower and SPACE to manouvre
  • handrails for shower and toilet (set for commode).
  • bedrooms have ample space around beds
  • beds can be raised (on request) to allow for lifting frame
  • one higher single bed (accessible from both sides) in each chalet

  • Other access features

    rails in shower toilet and rails thumb of access from vehiclethumb of verandah and ramp basin and mirror
    Level parking, verandahs and ramps
    Click on small image to see the set of larger ones.

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    Voice +61 08 9848 1781

    1800 South Coast Highway
    DENMARK WA 6333
    Western Australia

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